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Vinpok Taptek

 The Thinnest Wireless Mac Mechanical Keyboard 

Boost Your Productivity

99% of mechanical keyboards are designed for PCs and geared towards gamers. Most are wired. We believe it’s time for Mac users to experience a great tactile feel to boost productivity, that’s why we created the Taptek.

We all want a nice and clean set up while working. That’s why we designed the Taptek with minimalistic principles. We engineered the mechanical switches to be ultra-slim, sides as slim as 16mm, and have the option to be both wired and wireless. 

With simplistic yet high quality design, users can fully focus on the typing experience itself.

Less Is More

Versatility at Its Finest

At Vinpok, we pride ourself on inclusivity and versatility. No matter if you own Mac, Windows, or Android devices, we got you covered. 

The Taptek keyboard comes offers both Windows and Mac keyboard layouts so users can switch smoothly and effortlessly. Speaking of switching, you can even connect it up to 3 devices and alternate between them with a single tap.

Modern and Adaptable

Take the Taptek keyboard with you everywhere. It has built-in RGB LED lights with more than 10 backlight modes to best adapt to any environment.

While the typing experience is similar to the Cherry switches, each switch’s lifespan is made to last 50 million times to give users the most comfortable and durable keyboard. Type away with the best quality mechanical keyboard.

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