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The Thinnest Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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The Thinnest Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Ever

Designed stylish and portable Vinpok is thinner and lighter than all traditional mechanical keyboard on the market with only 16mm thickness. With its minimalistic design and its both wireless and wired mode, Vinpok is the perfect keyboard for your daily work.

Comes With Mac And Windows Layouts

With it’s external Mac layout, Vinpok is an improved regular Mac keyboard. Just connect Vinpok to your computer and you would not tell the difference, but your fingers will. Compatible with Mac, Android and Windows OS, Vinpok will work perfectly with all your devices, even at night thanks to it’s incorporated RGB LED lights.

Lifeproof And Long Lasting Typing

Built for those who spend hours in front of the computer, it’s ultra-thin mechanical switch provides a delightful experience on your daily work. Also, thanks to its mechanical metal-base design it will last longer than the rubber-based dome keyboards.

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